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Sunday, 20 May 2012

[Game] Medal of Gunner HD. v1.1.6

Requires Android: 2.1+

Become the greatest TOP GUN!
The perfect combination of the FPS and flying simulation game, New Medal of Gunner is back with more great features and contents and more addictive!
Medal of Gunner is the first person shooter for the antiaircraft battle in 2nd world war. Help the B-17 shoot down the enemy fighters and complete crucial missions!
Experience the authentic action shooter with the real screen supported by full 3D, the great sound effect with strong hitting that equals the reality and the perfect control feeling specialized in iOS environment!

Console quality visuals & unique controls
FPS playing based on full 3D graphic & CG effect
Hitting with a strong sound effect
Thrilling control by tilting

Addictive game play:
Shooting for the fighters attacking in every route
Fast move among the 8 gunner sight
Protect the whole formation of the B-17 bombers with players
3 difficulties: normal, hard, and extreme – different speed, weapon power of the fighter
Game play bonus item: shoot down the fighter with items to get bonuses

Unique target objects:
Fighters: 8 fighters with the different flying and attack power
BF-109, FW-190, TA-152, ME-262, X normal/boss types
7 formations of fighters composed of 1 to 3 planes per fighter
2 weapons and 2 aggression tactics per plane – Boss monster flying object

Support for app2sd.

Download: mirrorcreator | mirrorcreator 2

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