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Friday, 28 September 2012

[Game] Ghost Sniper : Zombie v1.08

Requirements: 2.2+
A shocking encounter between Defense and FPS. Attack the zombies to save the civilians!!!

 ★ This is a premium game of the highest quality that is optimized for iPhone with the following features:
  1. Provides high quality graphics as it was produced in full HD.
  2. It was honored with the Global App Award in recognition of its game quality.
  3. The high quality visual and sound effects will give you a sense of realism during each blow and attack.
  4. The diverse and unique zombies will keep you tense and on the edge of your seats.
  5. With the controls optimized for smartphones, the feeling of enthrallment is right at your fingertips.
  6. There is never a dull moment thanks to the strategic level configuration, and you will feel an incredible excitement as you attack your enemies.
  7. It reflects the wind direction, bullet speed and ballistics, giving you a sense of realism.
  8. This game has depth with the growth and equipment systems, etc.

This game is introduced as a winner of the Global App Award and featured APP.
  1. jack*** : Finding this kind of high-quality game always gives me a thrill.
  2. pagk*** : Sniping zombies? Super cool! This reminds me of Dawn of The Dead.
  3. nola*** : A frightening boss that never dies by sniping! It is clever that the game make us use the hidden claymore mine.
  4. afdo*** : It is surprising that this game provides better control interface and realistic shooting sense than games for desktop computer
  5. fefe*** : At first I thought this was a simple game that just touches screen all the time. But it is far more than that. Strategic factors all over the game excite me!
★ Opinions from beta testers and power bloggers.
  1. 9181 : my hands got sweaty after completing a stage.
  2. 8347 : this game is just perfect. Not too hard, not too easy. Maybe a little bit difficult. But without this difficulty, it won't be exciting.
  3. 1033 : Spectacular effects! Am I a wacko? I felt catharsis all the time I was sniping zombies.
  4. 0025 : A perfect balance of a scope, secondary weapons, and mission
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More info: play.goole 

Download: sharpfile | secureupload | rapidgator (35.85 MB)

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